Cheap plastic molding services – Know Your Options


Plastic molding materials have lot of application in various industrial processes. Molding equipments are often expensive and there are many manufacturers who resort to taking loans from banks and money lenders only to fund their machinery unit. Modern plastic molding services are automated and faster. Sino Mould ( is a popular mold making company that makes automated molding solutions. There are many small scale business units that make use of advanced molding technologies to produce wide range of plastic articles and plastic parts. Once the initial phase gets over, these units often make huge profits; nevertheless, it is all based on the quality of the products.

If you are planning to start a low budget production unit that makes plastic articles your first and foremost requirement is good quality plastic molding machinery. Branded molding equipments are quite expensive and if you cannot afford to buy them, you are left with four other options.

First option:  You can resort to forged products.  There are several plastic molding services that sell fake molding products or fake components used in making molding machines. These companies etch the names of real brands on their indigenous products. If you are into molding business, you must have definitely heard about Chinese plastic molding products. Fake molding materials made in China are popular for being exact replicas of top brands in the molding industry. These equipments are not original but are good enough to get things going.  You might need to replace them entirely in a year or two but you must have derived enough money out of them by that time.  The prices for Chinese molding products start from a very low range. The prices increase as the quality rises. So, basically in case of such cheap molding components you get your money’s worth. While this is true in most cases, there is no surety about the whole idea. When you buy duplicate Chinese products, you don’t get any sort of guarantee. For all you know, your machine might break down a week after you buy it. You will have to make good all the losses plus you can’t sue anyone.

Second Option:  Your next option is to buy low quality products that are not forged but are made out of poor quality raw materials. This is advisable only if you get some sort of guarantee from the manufacturer or the dealer.  Also, you can think about this option only if the products you intend to manufacture do not fall under medical instruments or food grade plastic products. For instance, in case of a unit that deals with medical injection molding, low grade molds are not an option.  Low quality molding materials may seriously affect the quality and safety levels associated with the end products.  Hence, it is not advisable to invest in such tools and machinery if it can put your production license under risk.

Third Option: If you have ruled out the above two options, hiring the services of a plastic molding company is the best way to fit your needs into your tight budgets.  You can hire these equipments on monthly rentals or procure them on lease.

Fourth Option: You can buy used molding equipments and machines. However, do not forget to verify their working condition before closing the deal.

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Certain facts about Chinese Molding Companies

Chinese products have always been a special section in our everyday markets. Electronic gadgets and machines are the most popular “made in China” products that dominate our consumer markets. Machinery and industrial equipments made in China have a huge chain of suppliers that connects buyers from different corners of the earth. These products include genuine as well as duplicate or pirated ones.  In the recent times there has been quite a few issues regarding unauthentic Chinese molding equipments exported to some of the developed nations.

Molding industry is a huge business in China and there are hundreds of big and small units manufacturing different types of molds. Most of this mold making companies deals with a wide range of plastic components molding equipments. These are molds made from different alloys or metals. They are used to make plastic objects, tiny plastic parts and components that are further used in making other finished products.

Chinese molding companies take orders through different agents and suppliers who are connected with manufacturers and industrial processing units. There are special industrial agents whose job is to connect industrial buyers with suppliers. The suppliers should be able to meet all the quality and budget norms set by the buyers.  If you are into processing plastic equipments or you need to trade in Chinese molding equipments such agents can help you in finding an affordable China plastic molding supplier. There are thousands of traders who earn big money by simply buying and selling plastic molding and auto molding machines and equipments.  These traders or suppliers have bunch of export and import licenses. They procure different types of industrial supplies at wholesale prices. After procuring they sell them off to buyers and manufacturers who are ready to pay higher prices.  Acting as middlemen these traders get millions of dollars from their profit margins.

Medical injection molding is one of the major plastic molding sectors in China. Since the introduction of disposable syringes, development of injection molding equipments became a huge industry. And China was one of the countries that pioneered injection mold making right from the onset. However, there is yet another reason behind all the bulk orders secured by mold manufacturers in China, and that is nothing but their talent of imitating or copying other brands.  China has always been the homeland of high grade piracy.  They know how to make fake things look, feel and work like real ones or sometimes even better than the real ones. They are skilled in making brand engravings on various materials. They make their own raw materials to imitate the ones used by costly brands; and also, etch the names on them very skillfully. They sell them at comparatively low prices and bag huge profits.  The bottom line is that you will find numerous Chinese injection molding companies that make general molding equipments and then get them marked with popular brand names.  Although these are duplicate equipments they function well, but they do not last long like the branded ones.

Even though fake Chinese molding materials are quite popular, this hasn’t affected the business of top mold making brands in China. There are brands like Sino Mould that has been doing great business in this industry. Sino Mould is basically a plastic mold designing company. It has its wide array of products listed at

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China plastic molding –A quick insight into China’s molding sectors.

For over a decade, China has been popular for its molding industry.  Molding companies in here have a huge production capacity. Alongside they also have the advantage of low cost of production which majorly includes low labor charges.  Nevertheless, quantity and cost alone cannot succeed without quality. Over the years, reputable molding companies in China are known to follow strict quality control norms. In China plastic molding, injection molding and auto components molding are some of the major sectors that have secured exporters from almost every country in the Western continents.

China plastic molding industry is a comprehensive sector that can be subdivided into various branches. In the wake of recent inflation and economic slowdown molding industries had a tough time balancing their cost and profit margins. In certain Asian countries several units were closed down due to serious setback in standards.  Most of these units were plastic components molding factories that depended on local as well as outsourced contracts. Most of them supplied their products to countries like UK and UAE. With the fall in cost incentive most of the units resorted to cheap raw materials and inadequate t testing processes.  Closure of several plastic product manufacturing companies (local and overseas) also affected the yearly revenues of plastic molding companies in these countries.  Despite all the economic pressures Chinese companies never failed to maintain international quality standards. This increased their demand and helped those secure more outsourcing contracts.  Chinese injection molding companies are popular for getting most number of outsourcing orders. They are tied up with pharmaceutical and medical product suppliers in United States, Canada, UK and several countries in Europe.

Finding reliable and cost-efficient Injection molding companies is not an easy job. High quality manufacturers usually quote high prices.  Sino Mould is a China injection molding company that offers wide range of product options to their global customers.  It is a popular plastic molding company which is based in Southeast China. The company, also known as SINO, is well known in the industry as a premium quality supplier.  The company is basically involved in a wide range of plastic molding services.  For all the details you can visit their official website  The company has extensive plants where they manufacture different types of plastic molds. Most of the machinery and equipments used in these units are imported. They also offer state-of-the-art training to their technicians as well as factory workers. They offer services like UV painting, chrome plating and other latest forms of surface treatment for plastic components.

For exact details on any particular China plastic molding supplier you can search online for specific molding services in China.  Through online directories, you can find a list of molding companies and suppliers in China that offer different types of molding solutions for modern plastic industry. You can also use yellow pages to find registered suppliers. Plastic components and injection molding companies in China offer good quotes on long term contracts. So, if you need these supplies for a fairly long time, it would be prudent to contact a molding supplier or dealer in China who can help you in procuring your requirements at best possible rates. You can get more knowledge about plastic molding services from




Specifics on Plastic Mold Making in China

Mold making is one of the oldest industries known to mankind. In the earlier days, molds made of mud were used for making metal castings. Statues and designer frames made of iron, bronze and copper were made using earthen molds. With the passage of time, earthen molds were replaced with metal molds.

Today, molding machines are used in making all sorts of objects and articles made of plastic, Bakelite, metals and alloys. In the entire mold making industry, plastic molds have a huge demand compared to others. Every year tons of plastic objects are made and disposed off in various ways. In other words, there is an ongoing demand for plastic materials, both new as well as recycled. When it comes to plastic objects, there are more variations and applications as compared to metals. That is the reason why plastic mold making is such an enormous activity.  Advancement in engineering and technology has revolutionized our new age mold making industry. As of today, China continues to be one of the biggest exporters of plastic and plastic components molding supplies.

Chinese plastic molding technology is quite advanced compared to other Asian countries.  Plastic molding machines are made of different metals and their quality depends on the nature of plastic equipments they are meant to mold. The metals used for making these molds are graded as per quality standards. Molds made of high grade metals like titanium are more expensive. Sino Mould is one of the major plastic molding suppliers in China that has multiple manufacturing wings. Sino Mould produces wide range of molding equipments including plastic injection molding machines. Sino Mould’s plastic mold making services are listed in their site With the help of this website, users can contact the company’s customer care department to enquire about various molding solutions rendered by the company.  Sino Mould also does BMC molding, plastic treatment and assembling services for its customers.

Branded Chinese molding companies offer high quality products that last for over 10 years without much maintenance. However, the life of these products depends on their quality specifications and frequency of usage.

Injection moldings service providers in China are quite popular. They offer advanced and customized products and services at low price ranges. More than branded products, Chinese injection molding suppliers deal with pirated products. These are common products made in China but sold under popular brand names found in countries like US and UK. There is a huge market for such molding equipments because they are available at extremely cheap rates. There are several suppliers who buy these products and market them as real ones.  There are mold making companies that import their raw materials and machine parts from China. Most of these are fake brands and they come at very lucrative prices. It is illegal but many times manufacturers (buyers) do not realize that they were sold fake products. Although the parts used in these molding devices are fake they function well for quite some time. Nevertheless, the cost of the product defines its quality and life, and cheap Chinese products have very short life span. Click here to know more about plastic mold making services and technologies.




Dealers for Chinese plastic molding products and supplies

When it comes to machineries and industrial equipments, China is one of the best manufacturers in the whole of Asia.  Chinese industry is known for high volume production plus low prices, thanks to its low labor charges.  Industrial parts and products made in China experience a huge market demand in several Asian and European countries. Besides Europe and Asia, some of these industrial products also have a rising demand in rest of the world markets. Chinese plastic molding products and equipments are the best examples for this.

Plastic mold making requires lot of specialization and only a well established unit can cater to the demands of diverse industrial buyers. Chinese molding products can be categorized into 3 different types. Firstly, you have these expensive molding equipments and machines that are usually purchased by manufacturers of medical and food grade plastic products. This includes items like medical injection molding equipments and plastic can and bottle molds. Then there are less expensive plastic molding machines used for making plastic furniture and plastic parts for automobiles etc.  For making such items you may also buy cheap plastic molding equipments that can serve the same purpose at least for a short duration. There are several plastic molding factories in China that create cheap products with low grade raw materials. These equipments work well but not for long. Frequent maintenance and replacements are the major drawbacks of cheap Chinese molding products.

It is true that cheap Chinese products are flooding the markets in Asia and Middle East but this doesn’t imply that all the products in China are cheap in quality. China is one of the world leaders in exporting industrial products and equipments to different corners of the globe. However, quality Chinese equipments do not come for cheap.

For molds used for making plastic injections China molding companieshave diverse industrial standards and norms.  These companies take orders from syringe manufacturers for specialized molding equipment supplies that are used for making syringes as well as injection vials.  Most of the plastic molding companies in China use advanced technologies that are faster as well as more economical. For making injection molding devices they use various equipments like motors, temperature controllers, accumulators, hot stamping machine, UV painting machine, air compressor and silk screen printer. Most of these equipments are indigenously made in China. However, complex devices and machines with robot automation are imported from countries like Italy and US. Use of advanced technology is the main attribute of Chinese plastic molding companies. By using latest techniques they devise methods to reduce the ‘cost per unit’ as well as improve quality and design.

Besides plastic molding technologies, Chinese molding industries are known for high quality Bakelite molding equipments. These equipments are made of metals like steel or brass. Also high grade alloys are used for the purpose.  China is a major Bakelite molding supplier for majority of the Asian countries. Majority of the molding companies in China manage a comprehensive production environment. They have facilities to render mass orders within short time ranges.  Sino Mould is one of the brand leaders in molding equipments that guarantees customized molding solutions best suited for all sorts of plastic based manufacturing systems.  Well known as one of the high grade suppliers in China plastic molding, Sino Mould has several distribution units spread across the country. You can find more about plastic moldings and Bakelite moldings by visiting our website