Sino Mould: One of the Leading Plastic Mold Making Company

Sino Mould is one of the leading plastic mold making company in China, located in Huangyan mold city. With more than 20 years plastic mold manufacturing experience, Sino becomes one of the biggest and most professional plastic mold suppliers in Huangyan mold city. With advanced plastic mold making technology and plastic mold making philosophy, Sino wins worldwide customers’  favorable comments and to be their best choice for plastic mold supplier.

Plastic mold making offered by Sino can be divided with following categories: plastic injection molds for commodity parts, plastic mold manufacturing for various type pipe fittings, plastic mold developing for packaging line, plastic molds for home appliance part, plastic molds for automotive part, plastic injection molds for other parts like BMC/SMC, syringe part and so on. We always carry out quality managements for plastic injection molds according to ISO 9001:2008, TS16949 and ISO 14001:2004. During whole plastic mold making developing history, Sino continuous concentrating on new researches and achieve great results, like PVC pipe fitting dia. 32mm collapsible core system mold, bi-injection mold, double color injection mold, 120 cavity PET preform mold, 48 cavity medical PET testing tube mold, 4 cavity crate mold, IML system and so on. Also with company strength enhanced, Sino more and more dedicate to offer with our customers with comprehensive mold solutions, like plastic mold design, plastic mold developing technical supports, plastic mold making molding solutions, etc. therefore we have the ability to support our customer with turnkey one stop service.

Why is Sino for plastic mold making?

A. Since the year of 2008, Sino has gained greatest achievements to plastic mold making management systems. We improved our plastic mold making design quality control progress. By technical meeting to analysis every mold structure, we did best to avoid the possibility of making errors and any shortcomings which effectively saving time and better solved the problem than in workshop.

B. Meanwhile, Sino also updated the QC quality control process. From beginning simple quality control, we more and more put main attention to plastic mold making process control which means during every plastic mold making step, our QC quality control department would check the part dimension tolerance against drawings and avoid any defects enter into next tooling process. Especially we have arm CMM measuring machines check in our workshop for dimension control.

C. Sino invested about 4.5M USD for new plastic mold making tooling machines and QC equipments. New equipped precision tooling machines greatly enhanced plastic mold making quality. For example we owns Italy Fidia high speed tooling machines, 5 axis high precision tooling machines which can make sure of tooling tolerance within 0.05mm. This is any innovations for especially thin wall product mold making. With detail Sino plastic mold making equipment, please check

D. Also with plastic injection mold quality control management updating, we offers our mold with mass production simulation process which is one of the mold quality control standard. We support for our mould run with 2 hours to check mould smooth running at our site.

E. Sino more and more use and stock standard components which shorten the component purchasing time. And the parts will be easily changing for future customer mold maintenances.

F. Honesty, Quality and Responsibility is the culture of Sino, and responsibility is the core culture. Every Sino people always bear in mind with responsibility during their working which effectively reducing mistakes during plastic mold making.

G. we offers plastic mold making service before order, during plastic mold manufacturing and after plastic mold delivery. If necessary, we can send our engineers to help and support plastic mold operations.

Plastic mold making, Sino Mould, if with more understanding about Sino plastic injection molds, please feel free to contact us by mail or have down visiting to us.


Sino Mould: The Best Plastic Molding Supplier in China

China molding supplier is been a more and more important position in the world, Sino mould is one of the best molding supplier in China, high quality molding supplier and famous molding supplier China. Sino Mould is very professional in making plastic mold, “Quality, Honesty, and Responsibility” is Sino Mould’s service aim, Sino Mould got the trust from customers the entire world.

Sino Mould is the world famous China molding supplier in Southeast of China, from 1998 a small workshop until today’s holdings group, Sino Mould is one of the biggest China molding supplier in mold city, Huangyan.

As we all know, China Mold company is been known by the world is because of its low price, but as time passed, many mold factory closed, why Sino Mould do well, even stronger. Sino Mould is the most advanced China molding supplier in this molding supplier town, Sino Mould have achieved the advanced China mold manufacture technologies, and it also attained the world mold manufacture standard. Sino Mould has the developed mold tooling equipments, to develop the mold quality as the China top molding supplier.

As we know, as a China plastic molding supplier, the mold price, mold manufacture delivery time, mold tooling quality, mold after-sales service are the most important keys in the mold area.

Sino Mould is a professional OEM manufacturer and ISO 9001 Certified Molding supplier. We have a complete quality inspection workshop equipped with the latest measuring equipment. In order to better serving our customer, and ensure the important points in the mold areas, Sino Mould have imported many advanced mold tooling and mold quality inspection equipments: various high speed, high precision CNC milling machines from Italy, 5 axis Fidia CNC milling machine from Italy has become the main processing machine; establish dust-free injection molding workshop for plastic product production line;

Sino Mold is professional China molding supplier, can offer you: strong R&D ability, Innovative molding solution, Turkey solution service, worldwide after sales service… As one of the largest mold manufacturer China, Sino Mould is warmed as a Industry dust bin molding supplier, four cavities crate molding supplier, Thin wall high speed injection molding supplier, Gas-assist injection molding company, Painting bucket molding manufacturer, Chair/Table mold maker…Especially for four cavities crate mold, Sino is the first mold company to do it, and for IML solution, Sino is the first mold manufacturer to show the IML turnkey line on China plas exhibition, and also for Canton Fair.

If you are finding the high quality mold maker, top molding supplier China, Sino Mould is your molding supplier best choice. Sino Mould not only offers you a mold, but also a fine solution!

Many of our customers find it more cost-effective to outsource the manufacturing of their plastic components so they can focus their time and energy on developing new products.

If you want to know more about Sino Mould, top molding supplier in China, you’re very welcome to pay a down visiting to us, or you can contact the person to more.

Plastic Molding Services: Consultations & Suggestions

Plastic products become more and more popular, we can see everywhere the plastic products, such as plastic table, plastic chair, plastic crate, plastic water bottle, etc. So does the plastic molding industry is popular, and a good plastic molding service is very important.

Our Sino Holdings Group is a professional company in plastic mould and injection machines, we can supply you turnkey solutions of plastic molding and offer you good and long life plastic molding services.

Huangyan Taizhou is a town where is famous for “Town of Moulds”, there are so many plastic molding companies, but few company can support our customers whole and complete plastic molding services.

Plastic Molding Services can be divided into 3 classes:

  1. 1.      Before sales plastic molding service—consultations & suggestions:

If you have any ideas for making plastic injection moulds or you want to sale plastic products in your country, but you have no experiences or you are new in this field, we can help you to build up your production line or a new factory. Tell us your products information, production capacity you prefer, etc. We can offer you several suggestions from plastic injection moulds, injection machines, plastic raw material, water chiller, grinder, air compressor, and Anole hot runner to number of machines, number of staffs, etc.

  1. 2.     Plastic Molding Services during production:

When we start one project for you, we will first design products and after your confirmation with the plastic product design, we do the mould design. If you have already 2D and 3D drawings, please kindly send them to us, our experienced engineers will see if the structure is good for mould tooling and mould life. If we have different ideas and good solutions, we will discuss with you profound in order to have a good mould design and good quality mould.

During production, we will do process report after each tooling process to make sure a good precision we make. You will have tooling pictures every 10 days and testing reports.

These plastic molding servicesduring production can help control the delivery time and a good mould quality.

  1. 3.     After-sales plastic molding services:

Once you buy moulds or machines from our Sino Holdings Group, we can send our engineers to your company to help you set the machine and mould, to adjust them on the best condition.

If you have no engineers can do moulds and machine operation, our engineer can teach you how to operate.

We provide 12 months guarantee for moulds and machines, if there is any quality problems occur under your right operation, we will provide you corresponding parts for free.

We have some agents in many countries, they can offer you a complete and fine plastic molding service also, if you have some problems in your company, you also can contact with our local agents to save time.

If you have interest to be our agent? You need plastic molding suggestion, plastic moulding solution, and plastic molding services, just feel free to contact us! Sino Holdings Group welcomes your kindly inquiry and you’re down visit!

Automotive Parts molding production

Sino Mould has been passed in the 1 of November, 2010, the American quality certification (AQA) International Limited ISO/TS19649automotive partsproduction quality management system. The certification scope contains 4000g plastic automotive parts injection molding production. And mold companies at an early stage through ISO/9001: 2000 quality management system.

We are able to produce 95% of automotive plastic parts of the car. This includes plastic mold manufacturing, plastic injection molding, spraying, assembly, and assembly parts distribution to automotive production lines.

Ÿ   The characteristics of automotive parts molding

To clean up – Lightweight – shock absorption – the economy – the resource

Mainly automotive plastic light weight, good appearance decorative effect, multiple practical applications function, good physical and chemical properties, easy molding process, energy conservation, and sustainable use.

Automotive parts forming the main features light weight. A variety of plastics, the average proportion of only ordinary steel 15-20% lighter than the average wood. This feature prominent bit, minus a lot of dead weight, especially of high-grade large sedan.

Automotive parts molding can be once processed into products with complex shapes and multiple colors, sometimes printing, foil, embossing, multi-layer, coloring, processed into a very realistic image, patterns and designs can be imitation of natural wood, metal , animal skin texture, you can also show that hot stamping, foil, silver-plated, inlaid.

Ÿ   Automotive parts mold

Sino Automotive Mould Co., Ltd., is committed to the development of the automotive industry plastic mold, has a strong the professional mold management team and excellent processing and testing equipment, is a world-class supplier of automotive mold. Automotive parts mold include car bumper mold, shock absorber grille mold, instrument panel mold, side mirror mold, and automotive prototype mold, mold fixture production, etc. Sino automotive mold focus on the core technology of the mold, high-performance, high-efficiency, high-life, and the pursuit of energy conservation, environmental protection, and humane characteristics, Sinoautomotive parts mold brand world-renowned.

Ÿ   The automotive parts mold processing

Sino Automotive Mould Co. Ltd. has more than 20 design engineers, UG, Pro-E, Catia, Mold flow and AUTOCAD software, providing customers with efficient design and analysis services. Precision machining equipments to achieve the requirements of high dimensional accuracy. Sino automotive parts mold play a high-precision equipment resources, by co-coordinating the processing arrangement and rationalization process, a very high degree of realization of the mold parts and the overall size of the processing.

Ÿ   Automotive parts molding injection molding machine

Automotive plastic parts, we are professional auto plastic injection molding manufacturing company, is a team we provide for the domestic automotive OEM mold development of automotive interior and exterior plastic parts, automotive interior decorative products, plastic injection molding, from the preliminary data synchronization design to assembly, delivery, to the development of the automobile mold, injection molding, detection. We have a comprehensive quality management system, strict quality control methods.

The 50 -20 000 grams injection molding machine, can produce automotive interior trim from small to large variety of plastic injection molding, strict product quality management, in strict accordance with the management system of auto parts TS/16949. Our automotive parts plastic injection mold to achieve the most perfect state.

Ÿ   The material of the automotive parts molding

Common automotive materials of plastic products include PP, EPDM, ABS, PC, PMMA, HDPE.


Instrument sets, front and rear bumpers, fog lamp cover, door panels, column panels, armrests, glove box, luggage decorative panels, grille air intake grille, etc.


Bumper upper grille (electroplating pieces) instrument control panel, and other surfaces that require special handling parts


Before hernia, fog lights, rear tail lights,


Fuel tank, single duct, left and right front seat trim cover, around the vent pipe assembly

SINO Holdings—the Leading China Plastic Injection Molding Company

As the developed of China economy, the China plastic molding industries following its’ development and take a great changes. China is one of the biggest plastic injection molding countries in the world. As the latest data shows that in China the per capita consumption for plastic products can be 9KG a year. While the per capita consumption for plastic injection products is only about 24KG a year.

The distribution of China plastic molding industries: the main areas are Guangdong province, Zhejiang province, Jiangsu, Shanghai and so on. While in Zhejiang, they are two main areas for plastic injection molding. They are Ningbo and Taizhou. SINO plastic molding company located in this kind of special place – Huangyan the mould township of China.

SINO Holdings—the leading plastic injection company specialized in making all kinds of injection mould, injection machines and offer injection molding Turnkey solutions in China.

SINO was founded in 1992, from then on SINO’s growing be regarded as a fairy tales. In this few short years from a very small workshop, now to be a big holdings company which owns more than 800 employees and has 8 sub-companies they all specialized in all kinds of injection molding and injection machine fields.

What kind of plastic molding mould can SINO provide?

Packaging plastic molding: SINO offer packaging injection molding solution like: PET preform plastic molding, plastic cap/closure molding, blowing molding, test tube molding and I-M-L (in mould labeling) high speed injection molding and etc.

The key point of this kind of thin-wall packaging mould is:

It needs fast cycle time, always need high speed and high pressure injection, Control the product without eccentric, for thin-wall products, it easy to be eccentric; Well cooling system.

Commodity plastic molding solution like: mixed double color plastic injection molding, bi-color plastic washing tools injection molding, bi-color toothbrush, over molding mould like mop head, plastic baby stool over and etc.

The double color mould: two different plastic material shot in one injection moulding machine and molding twice, but the plastic parts come out one-time;

Over moulding mould (two shots moulding): two different plastic materials maybe not in the same plastic injection machine to make injection. They often use twice moulding. Pieces demoulded from the first mould and then put them into the second mould to make injection.

Household appliance plastic molding: plastic refrigerator part moulds, washing machine mould, air conditioner mould, TV mould Microwave mould, rice cooker mould, iron mould and fan moulds… …

SINO professional in making precision household appliance moulds. For this moulds, we high speed lathe and high speed CNC milling machine which we purchased from Italy to make mould tooling and control the mould precision.  For mould tooling process, we will make every step of mould tooling in the coordinate measuring machine (CMM) to control the quality and precision of every mould piece.

SINO not only provide you a mould or a machine but a complete Turnkey solution called one-stop service which is help you design the plastic injection factory and purchase the related equipments, SINO will serve you until making you successfully run your factory.

Staff professional training; we have more than 20 after sales engineer who are good at foreign language.

Injection machines;   provided by our branch company—Dakumar Machinery Co., Ltd Plastic injection moulds; from steel material purchase, mould tooling, mould assembling, mould test and etc.


Plastic material; we have special supplier offering us the plastic material with best price and good quality.

Equipment installation and adjusting; when mould and machine arrives customers’ factory, we will sent our engineer to your country and train the staff how to assembling the mould, how to install and adjusting the injection machine and so on.