Sino Holding Group offers various plastic molding services worldwide

SINO is offering customers with various plastic molding services. We have injection molding machines from 50Tons up to 1800Tons. If you are searching an efficient China plastic moulding supplier, SINO is your best choice.

Base on SINO great advantage in design and tooling ability, QC management, SINO can offer turnkey solution for your molding service requirement. For example, if you have an idea of making new plastic patent function plastic, you can send us only your mind of plastic parts, and we can checking the idea and make special design for this plastic parts into reality 3D model. And then develop moulds and use it for molding service.

With our great experience for sell worldwide during the last 20 years, as China plastic moulding supplier, SINO has built strong molding ability for achieve molding service and experienced in all plastic injection molding filed. Our market covers Europe, Africa, Latin America, Mid-East and Australia and so on.

The molding service product covers plastic food container, home appliance china plastic moulding, medical plastic parts molding service, daily use parts China plastic moulding, industrial plastic container and equipment molding and so on.

We offer the whole production lines, including injection mould development, plastic moulding service, printing, filling, assembling automation and packing automation system. And with our great compact service, quality control, we did all in one stop molding service.

We strongly trust with SINO HOLDINGS support, our business can grow shoulder by shoulder. Welcome your enquiry of plastic molding service to China plastic moulding supplier.


Sinomould – Rich experience in injection molding production line

Injection molding company, injection mould company, china injection mold factory, China toolmaker, China mold manufactures Sino Holdings is professional in plastic mold making ,injection molding solution and high quality injection molding service, Located in Zhejiang, China.

Sino Mould plastic mould company belong to Sino Holdings, the company professional in make plastic moulds, plastic injection moulds like Crate moulds, home appliance moulds, bucket moulds, pallet moulds, cap moulds, drawer moulds, PET packing moulds, auto part moulds, medical moulds etc…5

Sino Holdings can offer injection molding line for injection molding production from plastic part design, mould design, plastic mould molding analyses, mould manufacture, Injection machine manufacture, injection auxiliary equipments offer, testing mould, plastic raw material offer, plastic part assembling and packing etc…

Our Achievements on injection molding production lines, the production lines like: Chair injection molding production line, in mould labeling injection molding production line, PET bottle injection molding production line, cap injection molding production line, medical syringe injection molding production line, crate injection molding production line and so on.

Customer just send us the plastic samples or part 3D, and tell us the monthly output of the parts, plastic part product function, we can custom injection molding production line solution according to customer requests.

We welcome your down visiting to us, hope you will be attracted with our company culture and mentality, and satisfied with SINO’s plastic molding standard, rich experiences and high in plastic injection molding.

Design your mould and plastic products with your custom parts at SINOMOULD

SINO offer you not only moulds or machines, but also plastic parts molding solutions. We have more than 20 sets plastic injection molding machines can used for making productions.4

The process of plastic injection molding as below:

Injection molding is one of the most common methods of shaping plastic raw material. It is accomplished by injection molding machines of various plastic materials. Granular plastic is fed to the machine through the hopper and colorants are usually fed to the machine directly after the hopper. The resins enter the injection barrel by gravity though the feed throat. Upon entrance into the barrel, the resin is heated to the appropriate melting temperature. The resin is injected into the mold by a reciprocating screw or a ram injector. The reciprocating screw apparatus is attached to the screw motor drive in the above illustration. The reciprocating screw offers the advantage of being able to inject a smaller percentage of the total shot (amount of melted resin in the barrel). The ram injector must typically inject at least 20% of the total shot while a screw injector can inject as little as 5% of the total shot. Essentially, the screw injector is better suited for producing smaller parts. The mold is the part of the machine that receives the plastic and shapes it appropriately.  The mold is cooled constantly to a temperature that allows the plastic to solidify and be cool to the touch. The mold plates are held together by hydraulic or mechanical force. The clamping force is defined as the injection pressure multiplied by the total cavity projected area. Each resin compound has a calculated shrinkage value associated with it.

China mould maker and plastic injection molding maker—SINO Holdings is a china Mold-making factory specializing in plastic injection moldings and injection molds manufacturing, exporting to worldwide with Europe and USA standard.

SINO offers crate moldings, chair moldings, plastic packaging product moldings, pipe fitting moldings, medical use products moldings and etc. According to customers’ special requirement, SINO also design the products or moulds in order to customer custom parts.

SINO persist in high quality mold making, good service and responsibility. We believe quality is the only and the best way to compete and survive. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further question or requirements. SINO welcome your new enquiries.

World famous plastic injection molding manufacturers in China

Sino Mould Co. Ltd is the world famous Chinese injection molding manufacturers in Southeast of China. We offer the best of both competitive price and excellent quality for plastic injection moulding. We perform an in-depth evaluation of your part designs of plastic injection molds before manufacturing. If necessary, we will provide you suggestions for redesign of your parts to assure optimal design and avoid problems. Our expert plastic injection molding team follows international standards and delivers you with confident and consistent during the whole business process.3

Our company always keeps Layout at the top, push modernized management system in Chinese injection molding making. Go in for zero default. Make sure quality and techniques in the highest way. Therefore, we dedicate to explore the new field and make innovation and progress continually to be a professional Chinese injection molding making. keep developing on the present basis in order enhance our level of mold designing and mold manufacturing, and providing medium price high quality mold .

Sino Mould industries are high speed developing, sales annually development rate is around 15%. There are more than 2000 registered Chinese injection molding companies, and annually more than 3.6% of new Chinese injection molding companies are establishing. Currently, Chinese injection molding industries are facing heavy competitiveness. In order to keep strong competitiveness, Sino Mould purchased 70000 SQM of new land to enlarge the production capacity and improve the managing system. In 2010 year, Sino Mould 30000SQM new factory started to use, and purchased more than 6M USD new tooling and measuring equipments from German, Italy and Japan.  All these investment is not increasing the cost of the mould, on the contrary, these investment increased the quality, reduced human resources, shortened the mould manufacturing lead time… all these increased the strong competitiveness of Sino Mould by the lower price, much higher quality and shorter delivery time.

Chinese injection molding is now becoming more and more popular in the world, due to the quality of the plastic injection Moulding was improved, Chinese injection molding People’s philosophy, Chinese injection molding manufacturing technologies, Chinese injection molding tooling processing technologies are improved. Chinese injection molding costs only 20 to 70% of European, American or Japanese.

China injection molding companies

Sino Holdings group is one of China injection molding companies, offering all kinds of custom plastic molding service. We own ourselves injection workshop, dustless mass production workshop. We own the injection molding machine from 50Ton~2800Ton in our injection workshop, would satisfied the requirements of any products production.

Sino as the leading of China injection molding companies, we supplied one-stop service of part injection molding. Sino invested huge amount on plastic molding service equipments and also has strong injection molding technologies, offer you the excellent injection moulding solutions with precise injection moulding equipments.

The processing of plastic molding service is from the plastic parts’ design to molded plastic components surface treatment and packaging for delivery.China injection molding

Injection molding processing


Sino Holdings group as the famous China injection molding companies, we supplied plastic molding as following:

1. Home appliance molding

2. Syringe molding

3. Foldable crate molding

4. Packaging molding

5. Mobile phone molding

6. Medical injection molding

Injection Molding QC standard:

1. Product dimension Quality control: – It is very important for us control each product dimension during each shot samples. By general inspection and measuring, pass the qualified ones, and trash the production rejects. Checking gauge will also help the strict dimension controlled parts.

2. Appearance and color inspection: – Color Quality control is strictly controlled during injection molding processing and also specially after recharge of material and master batch. Panton color data stock and standard color dozer helps control a good color quality.
Appearance Quality control: there should be no eject white, no flash, no burrs, fine finish texture and polish, find parting finish, no silver line of material, no melting line on molded parts and so on after long term working of molds condition.
QC manager check the color and finish every certain hours.

3. Weight control & Package QC. – QC manager checking the package by sample survey every certain hour.

4. Processing QC. :  The handling and process is also under QC control. Workshop will be tidied and sterilize every certain hours.

5. Special standard item QC System – Our QC certificate is TS16949 QC standard, FDA standard, ISO 9000:2001

6. Lab QC inspection and certification. Welcome to contact with us for custom plastic molding service.

Various types of Injection molding services and programs offered by Sino Mould

Sino Mould is professional plastic mould manufacturer, we specialized in injection molding technology, could offer you perfect injection molding service. Such as industrial dustbin injection molding service and pallet injection molding service, IML& pail injection molding service, crate injection molding service, stack, and gas-assist high-tech injection molding service. Automotive injection molding service, PVC fitting injection molding service, PET & Package injection molding service.

We not only offer you injection mould, but also offer you injection molding machine, Standard injection molding machine, servo system injection molding machine, high speed injection molding machine.Injection-Moldings-Service

All successful injection molding programs begin with proper design for the process, and in this case for rapid production. When designing your part for rapid injection molding, the most important factors that contribute to lead time are part size and complexity. Whenever a larger part can be broken down into smaller pieces and then assembled, you will potentially shorten lead time. This is because simple, shallow cavity designs are produced quicker via the CNC machining process. Designing parts that are moldable with a “Straight Pull Mold” is a great place to start. This requires that all the part’s features be designed so that when the two halves of the mold are pulled from each other and the part is ejected, there are no secondary processes required.  This is due to mold material’s tendency to pull through part plastic (this is referred to as an ‘undercut’.) Undercuts require mold pieces to pull out sideways, perpendicular to the direction of the pull. These ‘side actions’ as they are called can require ‘hand loads’ for lower volume projects or automatic/mechanical loads for higher runs.

We have more than 50 mould designers, specialized in 2D, 3D mould design, and product design.

We have also tooling center. there are all kinds of tooling equipment inside which mould molding need, such as Italy FIDIA high-speed milling machine.5 axis CNC milling Machine, Charmilles, Sodick EDM Japan and CNC wire cutting, CNC lathe machine, boring machine.

After the mould tooling, we will send it to our inspection center. We have coordinate measuring machine, and articulated arm measuring instrument, optical imaging instrument could control the mould dimension without any mistake.

After the moulds pass the inspection, Sino Mould will send the mould to our mould test workshop more than 15 injection molding machines in this workshop, from 50 ton to 500 ton, for different mould testing.

If you have any injection mould project or injection machine project, do not hesitate to contact with such a company with strong injection molding service.