Bakelite Injection Molding Technologies and Solutions

Bakelite Molding Technologies

Bakelite Molding Technologies

Bakelite molding technologies is one of important technologies among injection molding industry. With its development in the past 20 years, Sino Mould has accumulated rich experience in Bakelite molding technologies, bakelite injection molding technology, bakelite molding solution.

As the most popular thermosetting plastic, Bakelite is widely used because of its rich resources, simple synthetic process, economic price and excellent performance. So more and more people get involved in manufacturing bakelite products.

It’s very important to know Bakelite molding technology when we plan to produce Bakelite product. If we can control the Bakelite injection molding process according to its property, it will be very helpful to increase the rate of final products, improve product appearance, decreasing Bakelite injection machine workload and shorten Bakelite molding cycle time, etc. As a result, Bakelite molding technology also attracts widespread attention. Different from thermoplastic plastic, Bakelite molding technology has its own unique specialty.

Below is basic information for Bakelite molding technologies:

  •   For Bakelite product, special screw and barrel designed specifically for Bakelite material should be used.
  •   Bakelite plastic material will release some corrosive gas during molding process. Stainless material should be used for core and cavity. As the mould base, chromium plating on steel surface to protect from the gas corroding mold.
  •   Considering that Bakelite material has very good flowablity. So the injection pressure doesn’t need to be very high, which can decrease the load of machine.
  •   Injection Bakelite material has good thermo stability. It can be kept in barrel for over 10minutes in barrel and reach its best flowablity when temperature is between 85-100℃. At this temperature, bake liter material can be kept in barrel for 20 minutes.

What mentioned above is only some most basic instruction for bakelite molding technologies. As a leading company in plastic injection molding industry, Sino Holdings Group can offer both high quality Bakelite mound and Bakelite injection machine. And if you don’t know bakelite molding technologies, Sino can offer you chance to learn bakelite molding technologies in our company. We have most professional engineer to teach you.

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Sino Mould Offers The Turn Key Solutions Of The Medical Containers Molding Worldwide

Medical Containers Molding

Medical Containers Molding

Sino Mould Co. Ltd. is a processional plastic mould maker, the company covers an     area of 5000 m2. Since our company build up, we have been focused on medical equipment, accessories, plastic mold production and research and Development the medical plastic moulds. Now we  have established a complete set of product research and development process, including: customer demand information collection, analysis of characteristics of products, research and development project,  product and mold development, the final design and batch trial-produce, etc., We are an outstanding Medical Containers Molding supplier in Huangyan and Medical Containers Mouldings factory in China. We manufacture all kinds of the medical containers moldings, like 150cc, 200cc, etc medical containers and the medical bottles and our plastic moulds is famous in China. We are the medical containers moldings supplier.

The project management processes are all control by our engineering technicians and our mould are all processing with the advance high CNC machines, grinding machines, drilling machines, boring machine, which makes our plastic medical moulds accurate, that’s why our medical container moulds are famous in China.

Our company also offers the turn key solutions of the medical containers moldings and the related injection molding machines. We are also medical containers injection molding machines suppliers and the auxiliary injection molding machines. Our machines are 5H: high speed, high energy saving, high injection precision, high stability circulation, high stability circulation ability and high safety.

Once you make the order to us, we will offer you a solution for you. Just tell us your requirement, we will suggest you a reasonable solutions for you.

Last is not the least, we have a professional after sales service and we are offer you a good solution and specialized service. We can also send the senior engineers to customers’ country to do training for the customers. For more information visit our site: –

Best Automotive Parts Molding Supplier in China

With the rapid development of China’s automobile industry , automotive products and interior appearance more and more widely use of plastic products . Meanwhile, shapes become more complex, species become more changeable. We SINO AUTOMOTIVE MOULD CO., LTD is a professional Automotive Parts Molding Supplier, which specializes in developing, designing, and manufacturing kinds of plastic automotive moulds for both international and national customers.

We are the automotive parts molding supplier in China, Huangyan City, and always devoting to manufacturing moulds on the basis of the fastest speed, lowest cost and the best quality. Different kinds of Auto part plastic molds we have made, such as following.Automotive Parts Molding Supplier

–                      Exterior Trim Parts Mould

–                      Interior parts Mould

–                      Automotive console mould

–                      Lighting System Mould

–                      Air ventilator Plastic Injection Mould

We have strong management for the quality and order control. We have 40 engineers for mould analysis and mould design. The software we usually use is: Unigraphics, Pro-E, Solid works, Mudflow. What’s more, High precision tooling machine with our working teams such as project dept., quality dept. and processing dept make the whole order processing control more perfect. We has introduced precision machinery like CNC machine, high speed milling machine, and electric pulse, and has got a team of rich experienced engineers. Our R&D team is willing to discuss and solve problems in mould tech, processing, etc. What’s more, we will send tryout samples for buyer checking and work out improvement requirement, if customer needs, we also will send to buyer the mould testing report and parts measuring report. Before shipping, we will test the mould for mentioned hours or injection cycles to ensure the mould is no problem. What we are pursuing is customers’ satisfaction.

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