Sinomould – A Professional Cosmetic Compact Packaging Molding Supplier In China

Nowadays, more and more people pay a lot of attention to the skin protection and how to make one more beautiful, so that cosmetics industry has developed rapidly and become more outstanding than the other fields. We SINO, as a professional Cosmetic Compact Packaging Molding supplier, integrate product development, design, mold manufacturing, injection blow molding process, and the product shape in one.

Cosmetic Compact Packaging Molding

Our company has made a lot of cosmetic container moldings, main products for the cosmetics packaging such as: a shadow class, compact class, lipstick category, vermicelli type, mascara, eyeliner, lip gloss etc series packaging. We have opened different markets both at home and abroad.  The products are exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, and most of the domestic packaging market, such as L’Oreal, IELTS Lauder, Chanel, Oriflamme, Avon, Revlon and other domestic and international famous brands, which has won lots of reputation from different customers.

We SINO have introduced a series of advanced machine such as CNC machine, CNC milling machine, EDM machine, and electric pulse and so on. Together with professional and rich experienced teams, we design and make the cosmetic container moldings according to the different requirement of customers. We designed the moldings based on customer requirements and design products for our customers. What’s more, customers can design their own style of processing or to improve and so on. All staffs of Sino are always offering every customer a perfect molding solution. The Cosmetic Compact Packaging Moldings are pursuing of have three things in common: High Quality & Competitive Price & Best Service.

Besides, we are specialized in different finishing such as decorating, metalizing, embossing electroplating and UV spraying.  What we can offer you is not just the cosmetic container moldings you prefer to have, but also the best service tailored to meet your demands. What are you hesitating for? We are waiting for your contact, put your hands! For more information visit our site: –


Go With The Best Molding Products In Your Daily Life!

Molding china

Molding china

The technology affects the daily life of people in every aspect. The most of the objects that you use in your daily life are examples of molding materials. The molding materials means providing the shape which is perfect for using by liquefying the solid  by passing the essential temperature and pressure and fill them in a particular pattern. Thus one of the best moldings is Molding China. The processing of these companies helps to make the different objects with the various materials within a very short period of time. The cost of these objects is different in the market and they are available according to demand of the customer. As the objects getting by molding of the ceramic metals have high quality and also have a high cost.  

 Moulding objects of the best company

The customers always want the best materials for using it perfectly thus the products those are available by molding china are always appreciated by people for their quality. The latest technology improves the quality of processing of moldings very fast so that more and more objects can be getting easily to the customer. The attractive products those are available in the market are injected by different processes of molding, in which the bi color tri color and the multicolor are in demand. The plastic objects of different color like bi color or tri color objects have a great processing by passing the same proportion of temperature, pressure and the same rise and fall of the parameter. For more information visit our site: –